You receive spam by SMS (or via email) in Belgium, you can report it online to the authorities!

A while ago I posted an article stating that there was no way to report SMS spam online in Belgium. Guess what, I was wrong! First, I was wondering if it was really illegal to send unsollicited commercial message by SMS in Belgium. I found this really nice flyer from the federal public service of […]

Why is usability important for security management?

Why is usability important for security management? Is it even important? Obviously for a lot of people, it is not. And that’s a problem. But what is usability anyway? Usability? According to Wikipedia, and I find the definition pretty accurate, usability is “the ease of use and learnability of a human-made object such as a […]

Your phishing awareness campaign may do more harm than good

Phishing and spear phishing campaigns become more and more elaborate, hence more difficult to identify and consequently more successful. Crelan’s 70 million € loss, early 2016 is a good example of the potential impact of such a successful social engineering attack. As automated security systems are unlikely to detect and block the most elaborate and […]

Toi aussi amuses-toi avec les consignes de sécurité…

Les responsables sécurité ont rarement la réputation de joyeux lurons. En général, un « security officer » qui débarque dans une réunion est souvent perçu comme l’empêcheur de tourner en rond. Si c’est le cas, il a du travail à faire car, à mon humble avis, il devrait être perçu comme la personne qui va permettre de […]

Et vos politiques de sécurité, vous les préférez sommaires ou complètes ? Réflexions sur les deux possibilités !

Dès que l’on parle de bonne gouvernance d’entreprise, on entend très vite les mots « politiques », « règles » et « procédures ». Lorsque l’on dirige une entreprise ou une équipe, la plupart des gourous en « management » vous diront qu’il faut donner des ordres précis ou définir des objectifs SMART (Simples, Mesurables, Atteignables, Réalistes et Temporellement définis). Sur cette base, […]

Effective security management: 20 tips to change your audience’s behaviour

How do we implement security efficiently in an organization, small or big? Although some security officers seems to still believe that having security policies and a plan to implement expensive controls like IPS, IAM or DLP (you’ll notice the common use of nice marketing buzzwords and acronyms to make you believe that you should know […]

Who don’t need arbejdsglaede?

Arbejdsglaede is the nordic word for Happiness at work. The video below is a nice animation from Alexander Kjerulf on arbejdsglaede (= Happiness at work). It is fun and accurate. You can also visit the related website with videos of happy people at work! As cherry on the cake, a video that shamm make you smile, […]

No training is (often) bad training

When we talk about training, it is common to ear that they should be given on purpose. The purpose being « doing a better job ». Likely, when someone need a specific skill she/he doesn’t have yet, it is often when we can demonstrate a Return on Investment that he/she will be sent in training. This is […]

Improved communication

How many times did you attend a meeting with a speaker reading a 12 bullets slides with unreadable text in Arial 12pt (or even worse, Comic Sans). Even if the subject was interesting, it is more likely that the monotone speech of the speaker and the overload of text (and likely of colors) led you […]

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