You receive spam by SMS (or via email) in Belgium, you can report it online to the authorities!

A while ago I posted an article stating that there was no way to report SMS spam online in Belgium. Guess what, I was wrong! First, I was wondering if it was really illegal to send unsollicited commercial message by SMS in Belgium. I found this really nice flyer from the federal public service of […]

With the US judge ruling against Google, will GDPR force European companies to leave the cloud?

You may have heard that the US federal Judge Thomas Rueter has ruled against Google in their refusal to seize personal emails of one of their customer to the FBI based on the fact that these data were stored in an European Data Center. While in 2016, in a case against Microsoft, a federal judge ruled that US investigators could […]

Will IoT kill us someday?

When you’re working in the security industry, being paranoid is kind of natural (or is it the other way around?). So, when you see how easy people, processes and technologies can be hacked, you become rapidly suspicious of anything. We all know bad things can happen and most of the time we try to mitigate […]

Ooops, they did it again! Was my password compromised, again?

Your probably read that 68 648 009 dropbox accounts have been recently compromised. In the past years, companies like Linkedin, Adobe, Tumblr, Fling or MySpace were hacked and it is likely that your credentials were stolen by hackers if you had an account on one of these sites. It’s even possible that your credentials (Name, […]

Google (also) knows what you said last summer

After, Google knows what you did last summer, this summer, we will give you a little hint to discover (and it migh be creepy) all the things you said to your androïd phone or to your Google search (sometimes just by hitting the wrong button or by saying « OK Google »). Yes, Googles likes to keep […]

La séduction comme outil de hacking

Quel est le point commun entre James Bond et le premier hacker venu? On peut en trouver quelques-uns mais le plus évident, c’est leur objectif commun: collecter de l’information! Car, bien qu’on semble parfois l’oublier, l’objectif premier d’un espion n’est pas de séduire toute la gente féminine et de tuer tous les mâles alpha armés qu’il […]

Des commentaires désobligeants dans le fichier client: une atteinte à la vie privée

En France, la CNIL (la Commission nationale informatique et libertés) vient d’être saisie par une cliente de la société Boulanger (Vente d’appareils électroménager et multimédia) qui, ayant demandé à consulté sa fiche client après une altercation avec une personne du service après-vente, à constaté la présence d’un commentaire déplaisant à son encontre. La CNIL a […]

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