Pursuit of Perfect

« Pursuit of Perfect » by Tal Ben-Shahar, the famous professor of the even more famous Harvard university that taught the largest course at Harvard on « Positive Psychology » and the third largest on « The Psychology of Leadership »—with a total of over 1,400 students. In this book Ben-Shahar explains how perfectionsim might prevent you to be happy in […]

Happiness at work, a path to success

In an AOL jobs article, Alexander Kjerulf propose 5 easy tips to make your work life happier. He reminds us that happiness at work is important for employees as it is most likely the activity to which we give the more time per week, because it is also good for our health (A Gallup’s report […]

The right to be wrong

A large number of companies have a culture of perfection or, at least, « right from the start »  in their values. As a consequences, failing is not welcome. Who like to fail? Nobody! Even if you don’t like it, failure occurs. And the worse thing about failure is to fail to learn from it and to […]

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