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Google (also) knows what you said last summer

After, Google knows what you did last summer, this summer, we will give you a little hint to discover (and it migh be creepy) all the things you said to your androïd phone or to your Google search (sometimes just by hitting the wrong button or by saying “OK Google”).

Yes, Googles likes to keep everything and also to share it with you (in case you would like to remeber all those stuff). You just have to go to My Activity on Google (https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity) to have te complete list of things you said to your phone (search this, call Bob, launch this application) and all the things that were heard by your microphone at the same time.

Privacy? At least now you know (a bit more about the cost of using free tools).

By the way, some hackers are using this function to hack your phone by including sounds in YouTube videos that will trigger the voice recognition function without being perceived as a command by a human. If you found something stange in the list, you’ll know.

You’ve been notified!

OK Google, close this page!

Des commentaires désobligeants dans le fichier client: une atteinte à la vie privée

En France, la CNIL (la Commission nationale informatique et libertés) vient d’être saisie par une cliente de la société Boulanger (Vente d’appareils électroménager et multimédia) qui, ayant demandé à consulté sa fiche client après une altercation avec une personne du service après-vente, à constaté la présence d’un commentaire déplaisant à son encontre.

La CNIL a donc demandé l’accès à la base de donnée client et a trouvé 5828 commentaires désobligeant (rien que ça – il y a peut-être aussi un problème d’attitude et de valeurs chez Boulanger) à l’encontre de ses clients. La société Boulanger à désormais trois mois pour effacer ces commentaires. Ce n’est pas la présence d’un champ libre pour mettre des commentaires qui est mise en cause mais la nature désobligeant du commentaire.

Voici une donnée privée qui n’est pas systématiquement considérée mais qui peut être bien moins rare qu’on ne veut bien le penser.


L’article du monde sur l’affaire: http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2015/07/25/chez-boulanger-la-revanche-de-la-grosse-connasse_4698101_3224.html

Google knows what you did last summer!

Maybe did you forgot what you were doing last week? Even if you do, you probably don’t know exactly what you where doing last summer.

(Un)fortunately, your friend Google can help you. You may already know it (or not) but Google keep track of all you movements (if you use their services and clicked “Yes” when they ask for your permission). If you have activated Google now or Google map using your Google account, George Orwell’s 1984 and his Big Brother seems to be an optimistic view of the actual reallity. But, as nothing is always black or white, especially in risk management, this invasion in your privacy might help you remember where you were last summer. Google does not advertise it so much but you can see all your history of location (if you have allowed them to do so) on the location history map on https://maps.google.com/locationhistory/.

You can use it to relive your hollidays using Streetview , find where you were at a specifi date and time, check the number of kilometers you drove on a specific day.

Of course you can imagine the amount of information you can gather if this system start to keep track also of all the network nearby, the blutotth devices visible at a specific time, the NFC payment you or the sound heard by your phone (yes, remember Google Now wait for you “OK Google” and is thus listening continuously when it run).

Get alarmed or don’t, at least, now, you know it.

Screenshot Google Location History